About Us

The environment here at Desert Body Lab is simple and clean, aesthetically pleasing with no pretense or attitude. We are friendly and welcoming, and will go out of our way to provide a relaxing, rejuvenating session. We specialize in delivering affordable results and will do everything possible to provide services that exceed expectations while maintaining the highest level of
professionalism and confidentiality.

Who is behind Desert Body Lab?

“Having been in the health and wellness field for 16 years, I am very intuitive when it comes to understanding and meeting people’s needs. I understand that no two bodies are alike, therefore your treatments will be customized accordingly. I enjoy creating a feeling of relaxation and making my clients feel good about themselves. I continually challenge myself to give the best in care and value to my clients. My inspiration is derived from transforming people’s lives through the awareness and appreciation of their own individuality and beauty. I feel fulfillment when I can provide an environment that promotes wellness and self-confidence.” – Monica Lewis