Monica is the best message therapist in the valley…bar none. And equally important is her bedside manner…she gives it her all…every time without fail. But I am also very partial to her beautiful caring and loving spirit, she has become my friend too. Go to her, you will not be disappointed not once! – Jiffy

Endermologie and arasys have been a great compliment to my workout routine. It has helped my body change in stubborn areas that regular diet and exercise couldn’t. – V. H.

I started having endermologie around the same time I started working out with kettlebells. It has really helped to tighten my skin and break up fat to see even better results from working out. Along with that are the benefits of relaxation – it feels like a massage, and the overall feeling of wellness after each treatment. – J.J.

Monica was highly recommended to me to help with edema in one of my legs. It has been a valuable aid in overall body circulation and especially in keeping my leg healthy. I love endermologie and have never felt better. Monica is a healer. – A. Wilson

First of all it is not often we find a treatment that is both relaxing and effective in the pursuit of a better body.With Desert Body Lab techniques you find all this in whichever treatment is administered. Monica not only is a great technician she is also a great communicator who makes her clients feel both comfortable and receptive during her sessions. – Anonymous

Monica discovers the deepest knots and soothes them away. Her massages contribute to my well-being. – Virginia

I am an avid road and mountain biker and discovered Desert Body Lab about six months ago. Thru endermology and massages Monica has helped my cycling tremendously. I have endermology sessions twice during the week leading up to a race as well as the day after. It has increased my performance and decreased my recovery time. I no longer feel sore and tired as I did before I found Desert Body Lab. I highly recommend Monica for anyone looking to improve their performance whatever the sport or activity may be. Thanks for all your help Monica!
– Dave Lippert

I love Endermologie. It has been one year since I started treatments and I notice a big difference in the way my body looks. Not only did it jump start my diet, but my skin tone and shape have definitely changed for the better. – Maureen Stenger